Close Protection

The Initiative Training Group can meet any Close Protection requirement by providing quality assured individuals who are SIA qualified for deployment either in the UK or overseas. All Close Protection Operators are trained to the highest standards by former senior instructing staff from the Personal Security Cell in Hereford. For more details please enquire here.


Close Protection Training Course

The Initiative Training Group provides high quality Close Protection training accredited by Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) on behalf of the licensing unit of the Security Industry Authority based on the 15 Core Competencies. Note this course aligns with the current UK business profile and is NOT a hostile Close Protection Training Course. We aim to provide quality Close Protection Operators who can provide low level support to business worldwide.

All training is conducted by credible and experienced staff who were former senior SAS instructors in Close Protection. Their aim is to provide the training that meets the requirements of todays business community. No previous police or military experience is required. For more information please enquire here.


Special Projects

For details of Special Projects Training please enquire here.